A Ready Business is connected wirelessly.

Broadband Connect Wireless Premium 1
  • Enjoy fast speeds from 2Mbps to 80Mbps
  • Monthly capped and uncapped plans available
  • High availability – no copper lines required!
  • Faster installation times

What is Broadband Connect Wireless Premium?

Broadband Connect Wireless Premium provides high-speed Internet access from 2Mbps up to 80Mbps (uncapped) and 10GB to 50GB (capped), ensuring that your business is ready for any challenges, to make the most of emerging opportunities and to react swiftly to market changes.

It offers both business-grade and high-speed broadband connectivity, optional unified communications and hosted applications such as Office 365 and IP Talk at competitive rates without the need for copper cables.

Why should I get Broadband Connect Wireless Premium?

Broadband Connect Wireless Premium 2Super-fast

Reliable, fast broadband Internet access speeds ranging from 2Mbps to 80Mbps uncapped service plans at fixed rates.

Broadband Connect Wireless Premium 3Flexible

We offer a choice of multiple service plans; capped services from 10GB to 50GB and uncapped services from 2Mbps to 80Mbps.

Broadband Connect Wireless Premium 4Convenient

It’s a one-stop shop! We provision the wireless infrastructure at your premises, install the broadband router and support the service via a support helpdesk.

Broadband Connect Wireless Premium 5Reliable

Our BC Wireless Premium network is secure and not susceptible to cable theft.

Broadband Connect Wireless Premium Plans

Plans Installation Once-off 12 month contract 24 month contract 36 month contract
2Mbps 10GB Cap R 0 R807.41 R690.74 R664.31
2Mbps 15GB Cap R 0 R837.67 R720.39 R693.38
4Mbps 20GB Cap R 0 R1 077.49 R955.42 R923.79
4Mbps 30GB Cap R 0 R1 130.42 R1 007.29 R974.64
4Mbps 40GB Cap R 0 R1 264.45 R1 138.63 R1103.40
4Mbps 50GB Cap R 0 R1 363.26 R1 235.47 R1 198.59
2Mbps Uncapped R 0 R1 465.09 R1 007.76 R982.32
4Mbps Uncapped R 0 R1 628.74 R1 135.72 R1 100.25
8Mbps Uncapped R 0 R1 979.23 R1 392.96 R1 352.81
10Mbps Uncapped R 0 R2 220.34 R1 570.17 R1 526.54
20Mbps Uncapped R 0 R3 598.34 R2 583.00 R2 526.34
30Mbps Uncapped R 0 R4 621.59 R3 316.37 R3 225.52
40Mbps Uncapped R 0 R6 265.18 R4 524.41 R4 409.88
80Mbps Uncapped R 0 R11 506.89 R8 434.24 R8 304.17


Top Up plans (Incl.VAT)

Broadband Connect Wireless Premium Top Up Plans
1GB Top Up R20.18
3GB Top Up R55.48
5GB Top Up R90.79
10GB Top Up R176.54
20GB Top Up R337.94
50GB Top Up R776.75
100GB Top Up R1 351.75