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We can provide your business with voice and data connectivity to suit your business needs. If you are a small business that just needs email, voice and productivity software or a large enterprise requiring multiple site access and 24/7 support with dedicated secure managed services. Our business connectivity infrastructure provides a resilient platform for your critical business applications, which will help your business perform at it’s best.

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Know our Business Internet Solutions

LTEWireless AirWirelessFibre UncappedFibre PremiumSatellite
Business SizeMicro - MediumSmall - LargeSmall - LargeSmall - LargeSmall - LargeSmall - Large
BandwidthAsymmetricalAsymmetricalSymmetricalAsymmetrical &
IP AddressingDynamic and 1 static1 Static1 or 5 StaticDynamic1 or 5 StaticStatic
Speed25Mbps AVGUp to 30MbpsUp to 80MbpsUp to 100MbpsUp to 100Mbps4Mbps
DataCappedUncapped – FUPUncapped – FUPUncapped – FUPUncapped – FUPCapped
RouterTP LINK MR600Huawei DN8245Huawei DN8245Huawei DN8245Huawei DN8245Huawei DN8245
Voice EnabledYes –OptionalYes –OptionalYes –OptionalYes –OptionalYes –OptionalYes –Optional
Free installationPlug and play24 & 36 months24 & 36 months24 & 36 months24 & 36 months-

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Business Internet

Business Internet Fibre

Get FREE LTE while you wait & Router Plus FREE Installation & Back up Service

Business Internet


Get a hassle free plug-and-play connection

Business Internet


Reliable Internet with uncapped access speeds from 4Mbps to 80Mbps.

Business Internet


With our latest technology to optimise the satelite link, you get fast and reliable internet access in areas with no or limited coverage

Business Internet

Wireless Air

Simple Fibre-like internet with uncapped access speeds from 4Mbps to 30Mbps.


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