You do business,
we protect your devices

Insure your business devices against
damage, theft and loss from under R30 pm.


Protect your business devices

Did you know 1 in 3 smartphone users have to replace
their phone before their contract ends? Cover your devices
against loss, theft and damage, incl. water damage
Vodacom Device Insurance

Accidents happen. Don't let them affect your business.

Here's roughly how much repairing your device would cost without insurance.



If you've cracked your screen, we'll repair or
replace it.



In case accidental damage occurs to your
touchscreen, we have you covered.



You're covered for any water damage on any
of your devices.



If a little accident happens with your camera,
we'll fully repair it.

If it's beyond repair, we'll replace it!


Protect your device from as little as R10 pm

Choose what to cover and how to cover it.
Accidental damage insurance
from R10 pm
Cover against any accidental damage
Device repair
Device replacement if beyond repair
Covered worldwide
Cancel anytime
Comprehensive cellphone insurance
from R29.25 pm
Cover against loss, damage and theft
Next-day phone replacement
Covered worldwide
Cover starts immediately
Cancel anytime
Comprehensive tablet and laptop insurance
from R63 pm
Cover against loss, damage and theft
Next-day phone replacement
Covered worldwide
Cover starts immediately
Cancel anytime

Get covered by SA’s leading network

Comprehensive cover

Have peace of mind that if your cellphone, laptop or tablet is damaged, lost or stolen - you’re fully covered.

Flexible coverage options

You have the flexibility to choose the coverage option that is right for your insurance needs.

Device replacement

Your device will be replaced within 24 hours after submitting a successful claim.

Affordable premiums

Protect your cellphone, tablet or laptop with affordable monthly premiums.

Everything you need to know…

You must have bought your device directly from Vodacom or from an approved Vodacom dealer for it to be eligible.

To log a claim, please complete this insurance claim form and email it to [email protected].

Please also remember to: report the incident to Customer Care on 082 1940 (FREE from your Vodacom cellphone) AND report the theft or loss to the South African Police Service and get a case number.

You must submit your claim within 30 (thirty) days of loss, theft or damage.

Yes, you will need to pay an excess if your claim is approved – the amount will depend on your policy.

If the listed SIM card is not in the insured device at the time of damage, loss or theft, the device will NOT be covered and your claim will be declined.

Yes. A few terms and conditions apply. See T&Cs.

It’s so much more than just device insurance,

it’s peace of mind.