Enterprise Mobility

Mobility solutions to transform and support your business growth.

The Key Benefits of Enterprise Mobility


Leverage our expertise

End-to-end customisable mobile solutions allow you to leverage our expertise and successfully navigate the mobility landscape.



Work smarter

With our range of mobile applications and devices, staff can work smarter and better no matter where they are.



Mobilise your business

Mobilise your business to drive revenue through better customer engagements and grow your mobile presence.

The Vodacom Enterprise Mobility Framework

Our framework has been carefully designed to understand your business needs, set up the most effective infrastructures, and provide the necessary solutions to leverage your business into the mobile landscape.


Strategy and Infrastructure

Defining business needs, developing a mobile strategy and setting up the mobile infrastructure.

Consulting and device choice

Consulting services, workshops, assessments and device implementation.

Seamless connectivity

Implementing the infrastructure for access anytime, anywhere.


Mobile Enterprise Application Platform – app development infrastructure.

Products and Solutions

A vast range of products, solutions and applications ready to be implemented.

Complete security

A selection of security products to ensure optimal security for data and devices.

Product suite

A selection of products to ensure better performance and productivity. 

Bespoke applications

Tailor-made software built to perfectly suit your business needs.

Supporting and Transforming Your Business Growth

We can provide a range of bespoke enterprise mobility solutions to help your employees work smarter, improve your business processes and drive brand awareness, including customer loyalty. We see enterprise mobility as more than just mandatory to achieving operational efficiencies within your organisation; it’s another route to generating new revenue streams and differentiating yourself from the rest of market.

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