Smart Asset Management

Get more out of your company assets with our system that helps you control, track, and monitor to maximise benefits and minimise risks

The Key Benefits of Vodacom AitaHealth


Peace of Mind

Confidently know that your vehicles are never out of reach, even when they’re out of sight.



Responsible driving

Keep drivers in check using near real-time notifications of speed to prevent accidents.



Enhance service delivery

Improve transparency through delivery tracking for better customer experience.

What is Smart Asset Management?

Smart Asset Management is a structured process of decision-making over the acquisition, use, safeguarding and disposal of assets to maximise their service delivery potential and benefits, and to minimise their risks and costs over their entire life. Our solution opens up two-way communication between your critical assets and the central application for better control.

The Vodacom Difference

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Rated #1

Vodacom Internet of Things is rated #1 most progressive and influencial in South Africa by IoT analysts.


We have more than 1300 world-class Internet of Things experts across the continent.

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Global connections

We’re the first Internet of Things provider to make over 60 million connections globally.

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