The next evolution towards a truly converged telephony system

One Net Business combines fixed and cellphone telephony services into one cloud-based Unified Communication solution, reducing the number of missed calls, making costs more predictable and keeping your Ready Business better connected.

Managing day-to-day communications can be challenging. A dynamic business needs to communicate effectively with its customers and suppliers, whether its employees are in the office or off-site. Missed calls lead to lost business while upgrading a fixed or cellphone communications system is often complicated and expensive. Capacity problems slow down telecoms and affect response time.

As flexible working evolves, your company needs to adapt to new situations and new ways of communicating. One Net Business offers your organisation an effective and flexible Unified Communication platform for your internal and external communications.

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1-10 employees

A simple solution for controlling costs and staying in touch with your customers

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11-100 employees

Invaluable flexibility and versatility for growing businesses

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>100 employees

A feature-driven telephony system delivering great results for larger businesses

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