Vodacom Easy2Own (Airtime Option) – Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. Service Description:
    • The Service (Easy2Own) enables you to take up a handset with Vodacom through a payment plan over a defined contract period.
    • The handset models available under this Service are subject to monthly review.
  1. Subscriber Eligibility and Verification:
    • Easy2Own only applies to Prepaid customers who received a campaign SMS from Vodacom
    • Your eligibility for the Service is pre-determined through a scoring analysis.
    • Customers can only apply for the offer in store, with a valid SA ID
    • Upon application, you will undergo verification checks which includes ID validation.
    • Should it happen that your affordability check is unsuccessful, Vodacom will decline your application and you will not be able to take up this offer.
  1. Deposit, Payment Method, and Device Locking/Unlocking:
    • A Deposit is required upon subscribing to the Service.
    • The Deposit value will be determined based on the Vodacom Easy2Own deal selected.
    • The Deposit is paid only once and at the time of signing of the offer.
    • This service adopts the prepaid model. If the deposit is made on any day of the month, the first installment must be paid in first 24 hours following; (for example, if you paid the deposit on July 25th, the next installment would be on July 26th to be able to use the mobile device the next day).
    • The remaining balance will be paid through the purchase of Unlock Bundles which can be purchased using airtime.
    • Purchase of the Unlock Bundles will unlock access to the device for the specified period.
    • The Unlock Bundles can only be bought via the Vodacom Easy2Own mobile application, which is installed onto your device at time of purchase.
    • Unlock Bundles are available in the following schedules:
      • Daily – 1 day unlock.
      • Weekly – 7 days unlock.
      • Monthly – 30 days unlock.

**Each Unlock Bundle will unlock the device for the specified period.

  • Unlock Bundles do not auto subscribe, meaning, you will need to purchase the bundles on an ad-hoc basis.
  • Each Unlock Bundle purchased will be used, in part, to pay the device, as well as the benefits received.
  • Unlock Bundles can be purchase in any configuration, i.e., you can purchase 1 day, 7 day or 30-day allocation to ensure the repayment of your device.
    • If you purchase 1 day unlock bundle, you will need to purchase 365, 1 Day Unlock bundles to complete payment of your device,
    • If you purchase 7 Day Unlock bundles you will be required to purchase 52, 7 Day Unlock Bundles to complete payment of your device.
    • If you purchase 30 Day Unlock bundles you will be required to purchase 12, 30 Day Unlock Bundles to complete payment of your device.
    • You are allowed to purchase Unlock Bundles interchangeably and it will accumulate to the total payment required.
    • Balance owed can be check via the Vodacom Easy2Own application or by contact customer care.
    • Multiple Unlock Bundle purchases and a combination of thereof is allowed.
  • As part of the Unlock bundle purchase you will receive an allocation of Data and Voice minutes.
  • The Data and Voice bundle will be allocated daily i.e., 100MB and 10mins per day for 1, 7 and 30 days respectively.
  • The mobile device will be automatically locked if the purchase of an unlock bundle is not made before the expiry of their current unlock bundle. To re-activate/unlock the device, you must purchase an unlock bundle.
  • In accordance with the above, failure to complete the payments within the 2 year threshold will result in the device being locked until the full outstanding value has been paid up.
  • The total remaining balance and payment status can be queried via the Vodacom Easy2Own mobile application.
  • When device is locked, only the following services will be available on the Device:
    • Vodacom Easy2Own Mobile Application
    • Emergency calls,
    • Vodacom Call Centre number – 082 135
    • Email to Vodacom Customer Care – customercare@vodacom.co.za
  1. Data and Voice Bundle Allocation:
    • Allocation of the Data and Voice bundle will happen daily in accordance with the Unlock Bundle purchased i.e. Daily Unlock Bundle will have 1 allocation of 100MB and 10Minutes; 7 Day Unlock Bundle will have 1 allocation of 100MB and 10Minutes per day over 7 days; 30 Day Unlock Bundle will have 1 allocation of 100MB and 10Minutes per day over 30 days.
    • Purchasing of multiple unlock bundles are allowed.
    • Data transfer will apply, whereby you have the ability to transfer the bundle to other Vodacom customers. Please visit the data transfer terms and conditions for full details: https://www.vodacom.co.za/vodacom/terms/data-bundle-transfer-terms-and-conditions
  • You can extend the Validity Period of the Bundle you initially purchased (the “Initial Bundle”) by purchasing an additional Bundle of the same size and validity (the “Additional Bundle”) before the Initial Bundle has expired. The purchase of the Additional Bundle will result in the Validity Period of the Initial Bundle being extended to the expiry date of the Additional Bundle. The daily allocation of Data and Voice will have an expiry of 24hours from activation.
  • The Voice allocation is any network any time.
  1. Migrations
    • No migration or upgrade will be allowed if the device is not paid off.
  1. Non-transferability and Porting:
    • The Service, including the handset, is non-transferable and must remain under the registered subscriber’s name for the duration of the period.
    • Port out from Vodacom to another network will not be allowed, until settlement of the outstanding balance of the device
  1. Stolen or lost devices:
    • In a case where the Vodacom Easy2Own device is stolen/lost:
    • The device must be blocked/blacklisted by calling the Vodacom call centre on 082 135.
    • Customer will be liable for the remainder of the outstanding balance associated. This liability also applies to a situation for the device is damaged.
  1. Out of Box Failure and Warranties:
  1. Contract Termination and Early settlement:
    • Upon completion of the payment cycles, the contract shall be deemed terminated, and the device management software will automatically be removed, subject to the device being connected to the Vodacom network or having an active Internet connection.  
    • If the Customer requests a cancellation of the Vodacom Easy2Own plan prior to the end of contract/term date, Vodacom will not refund any money that has been paid and the Customer will be liable for the outstanding amount.
    • An option to close the deal before the end date is available by paying the total outstanding balance. When prematurely closing the contract, a quote will be provided of the outstanding balance which can be paid in cash, by credit card or debit card.
  1. Changes to Terms:
  1. Contact Information:
    • For any queries regarding these Terms or the Service, please contact

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