Vodacom Campaign 2024 in-store Accessory Spend Voucher

  1. Vodacom (Pty) Ltd (“Vodacom”) is running the Vodacom “Post-Paid In-store accessory spend Voucher” Promotion (the “Promotion”) where Customers will receive in-store accessory spend Vouchers when upgrading/signing up to a Vodacom contract offering one of the participating selected qualifying handsets, from 4th April until 7th June 2024. The in-store accessory spend Voucher varies depending on the applicable device model.
  1. All Customers during the term of the Promotion agree to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions.
  1. The Vodacom In-store accessory spend Voucher enables a Customer to purchase accessories of their choice when upgrading / signing up to selected qualifying handsets during the promotional period while instore:

Qualifying handsets in the promotion:

Note: The in-store accessory spend Voucher varies depending on the device model purchased.

The in-store accessory spend Voucher is available to new and upgrade contracts.

  1. The in-store accessory spend Vouchermust be utilized during the sign-up / upgrade process strictly in-store at the time of upgrade or sign-up to qualifying handsets during the promotional period.
  1. The Accessory spend Voucher:
  • Is redeemable instore at the time of upgrade or taking up a new contract
  • Can only be used to purchase accessories found in store at time of redemption
  • Can be redeemed against Accessories only
  • Is available on selected promotional deals only
  • Cannot be redeemed as cash
  • Is not transferrable and cannot be used in conjunction with other offers, promotions and Vouchers.
  • Can only be redeemed against one spend per deal.
  1. Customer cannot take up accessories that are not in stock at the time of redemption of the in-store accessory spend Voucher as the accessory spend Voucher is only valid at the time of upgrade / sign up.
  1. In an instance where the Customer purchases accessories that are more than what the In-store accessory spend Voucher is, the Customer is liable to pay the outstanding extra amount.
  1. In an instance where the Customer spends less than the value of the In-store accessory spend Voucher, he/she acknowledges that there will be no change given and that he/she forfeits the remaining balance.
  • Should the Customer spend less than the value of the accessories with the in-store accessory spend Voucher – he/she is allowed a R21.00 shortfall only e.g.: In-store accessory spend Voucher is R200.00, the Customer cannot select accessories less than a total amount of R179.00.
  1. In-store accessory spend Voucher are only valid during the specified deal period.
  1. Subject to availability of the specified device/deal :-
  • Customer cannot request an extension on the Accessory Spend Voucher.
  • Customer can add as many accessories to the value of the specified Voucher/Spend amount.
  1. Customers cannot use the in-store accessory spend Voucher to purchase handsets, tablets, tablets, airtime and data.
  1. Should Customer return, or swap the handset, Customers are then supposed to return all accessories that were redeemed at the time of the initial purchase before they can swap out or return stock
  • Should Customers fail in doing so they will not be awarded the accessory in-store accessory spend Voucher of the new purchase.

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