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To stream live, you need both sufficient Data and good speed. 10Mbps is a good minimum speed but the recommendation is 20Mbps and upwards. You ideally want 75GB or even uncapped.


More than one device

Using several devices simultaneously takes more speed to keep them all running smoothly. Decide what you need and then add a little more Mbps if you have extra people using the line.


Downloads, emails and browsing

A high Data package with any speed is a smart option. As an estimate, movies average 1.5GB to 4GB in size and songs are roughly 50MB. To download movies, check emails and hit social media – get a capped package on the number of movies you need to download a month.



All gamers need fast uploads. Speed is everything and lines that deliver 50Mbps and upwards will give you a great online experience.

Vodacom Fibre?

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Why should you get Vodacom Fibre?

Fibre is faster, more stable and more reliable than ADSL. It is capable of carrying large data loads with speeds up to 100Mbps. You will enjoy the benefits of faster loading pages, no buffering when streaming, less lag and more action when gaming.

How does Fibre works?

Fibre internet allows you to surf the net through fibre-optic cables. Those cables then send data to and from your computer by harnessing the power of light.

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